Saudi Arabia Visa for Haiti Citizens

Haiti passport holders and All citizens of Haiti who is planing to visit Saudi Arabia need to apply for Online Saudi eVisa. Tourist from Haiti required to fill out online visa application form of Saudi and upload the copy of passport and color copy of the photograph. Before submitting the Saudi Arabia visa application form need to veryfy all information filled by the applicants. Haiti nationals tourist can obtain 30 days and 90 days official Saudi Arabia visa with in 3 to 5 days.

Saudi Arabia Visa for Haiti Citizens

Saudi Arabia Visa for Haiti Citizens

Saudi Arabia Visa for Haiti Citizens and Haiti passport holders

Get Saudi Arabia visa from Haiti check the visa application requirements of the Saudi Arabia tourist visa for the tourist of the Haiti. Travellers from Haiti who is planing to travel Saudi Arabia need visa. Haiti Citizens can get tourist visit visa by submitting an online Saudi Arabia Visa application form.

Saudi Arabia Visa Documents for Haiti Citizens

Haiti Citizens planing to travel Saudi Arabia required Saudi Arabia visa which they can be get online. Before apply for Saudi Arabia visa from Haiti the applicants of the Haiti should have a valid passport and a color photograph to apply for Saudi Arabia visa online. The validity of Passport should be valid more than six months.

Saudi e-Visa Application process for Citizens Haiti

1: Fill out your nationality and current resident country.

2: Once step one completed then fill the travel details and general information which required to process the visa application.

3: Fill your passport details and upload the documents required for visa processeing.

4: Passport copy and photograph are the required documents

5: Submit your online visa application form and pay your visa fee online.

Saudi Arabia Visa validity for Haiti Citizens

Validity of the Saudi Arabia visa for Haiti national is 12 Months from the date of the visa issue so travellers are required to visit Saudi Arabia from Haiti with in 12 Months from the date of visa approval.

Stay Validity of Saudi Arabia Visa for Haiti National

Stay validity of Saudi Arabia visa for Haiti Citizens are depend upon the visa type which Haiti travellers have applied. Maximum stay validity for Saudi Arabia visa is 30 Days from the date of entry in the Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Visa Type for Haiti National

Haiti National can apply for the following visa type:

1. 30 Days Multiple Entry

2. 90 Days Multiple Entry

Why Apply Saudi Arabia Visa with us For Haiti Citizens?

1. Haiti Citizens can apply Saudi visa online with us in a simple way without visit the embassay.
2. They will get the information at each and every status change by email.
3. Visa related help they can communicate with us by whatsApp Chat or Email.
4. We give only correct information about the visa approval process.
5. Applicants get email or chat support before processing the visa application if approval chance is less.
6. In this case if they want refund then we refund the visa fee before processing the visa.
7. Saudi Arabia Visa approval ratio is high with us.

Saudi Visa Center in Haiti and Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Haiti

If your country is not available in the list of eligible countries then you need to visit the nearest Saudi Embassay in Haiti

FAQ of Saudi Visa For Haiti Passport Holders

1. What are the Documents Required for Saudi Visa for Haiti Citizens

Only passport copy and photograph are the required documents for apply Saudi Visa. Hotel Booking slip and Confirm Flight tickets may be asked later to process the Saudi Visa. These documents can be provided by email or whatsApp chat if not uploaded during the application submission time for Haiti citizens.

2. What are available Saudi Visa Type for Haiti Citizens

30 Days Multiple entry, 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa types are available for Haiti citizens.

3. What are Saudi Arabia Visa fee for Haiti Citizens

Visa fee is depend upon different type available visa type. It is different for all available list of visa type. You can check the visa fee during the application processing time for Haiti citizens.

4. What are Saudi Visa Aproval time for Haiti National

There are two process of visa application for Haiti National, Normal and Urgent process, In normal process visa processing time is 3 to 5 working days and in the case of urgent process processing time is with in 3 working days.