Obtain UAE, Saudi, Umrah, Oman Visit Visa, Apply Online for your eVisa in 3 Steps. Get electronic travel authorization to enter the country.

Popular Visas


UAE Visa

USD: 158 Only

Oman Visa

USD: 54 Only

Saudi Visa

USD: 168 Only

Thailand Visa

USD: 62 Only

Malaysia Visa

USD: 74 Only

Egypt Visa

USD: 66 Only

Sri Lanka Visa

USD: 20 Only

e-Visa Processing Steps


1 Apply for e-Visa

2 Proceed with payment

3 Receive your e-Visa

Why Musafir-eVisa

Why Musafirevisa

Information box

  • You can apply for e-Visa only in case if you are not on the visited country.
  • Please, select country of citizenship according to your travel document/passport.
  • Please, note that validity of your travel document/passport should extend at least for 6 months.
  • e-Visa portal must be used for short-stay visits only (less than 90 days)