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Who requires a visa for UAE?

UAE visa was launched in 2015 by Ministry of Interior from United Arab Emirates. In order to visit UAE, an entry permit or visa required. Citizens from eligible countries including the India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, South Africa, Jordan, US, UK etc are eligible to apply for Dubai visa online. The UAE Visa application process is simple and applicants needs to answer a few basic questions related to passport, personal and travel details.

Prior to the eVisa for Dubai was introduced, tourist needed to visit to an embassy or consulate or to queue at the border to get a visa for UAE. Due to eVisa system applicants can now get Dubai visa online. Different types of e-Visas are available for travelers, these are single or multiple entry.

Once the Dubai online visa application form has been submitted, a copy of the UAE visa is sent to the applicant by email. To enter UAE, the visitors can show a copy of their Dubai visa, with their passport. The passport has to be valid for a minimum of 6 months.

Different Types of Visa in UAE

The following UAE Visa types are available for travelers:
1. 14 Days Dubai Visa
2. 30 Days Visa
3. 60 Days Tourist Visa
4. 90 Days Tourist Visit Visa

Different types of UAE visas and entry permits

Dubai Visa is available in Single entry permit and multiple entry permit which allows a stay of up to 14 days to 90 days and is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

Dubai Visa Rules, Requirements and Required Documents

Fill and Submit your UAE visa application form online and upload the following documents.
1. Clear scan copy of the passport (should be valid for more than 6 months)
2. Recent color passport size photograph (scanned)
3. Confirmed flight booking with return flight
4. Confirmed hotel booking or Address and contact details where the passenger will be staying in the U.A.E.
5. Birth Certificate for Child (if there is any)

Note: Only Scan Copy of Passport and Colored photograph are required to process your visa application. Confirm Air Tickets and Hotel booking are required after visa approval.

eVisa Requirements for Dubai UAE

All visitors required an entry permit or Visa to visit Dubai. The Dubai online visa has simplified the process of getting travel authorization to enter the UAE. The Dubai visa application form is completed online, that means no need to go to an embassy to obtain an eVisa to Dubai. The eVisa allows visitors to stay in UAE for up to 90 days based on your visa types.

How can apply for an UAE visa?

Citizens of the eligible countries can apply for an evisa to Dubai through an online application form.

How can extend validity of visa for Dubai?

UAE visa can be renew or extended for 30 days twice, without the need to leave the country. Travellers can apply for the renewal before the expiry of the first one online.

How to do UAE visa check online and check the status of UAE visa?

Applicants can check UAE visa status by passport number or application number sent to the applicant's email. Note: Track UAE visa status: Check UAE visa status by using Visa Status Link.

Uae Visa Information


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