Extension of Visa During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Extension of Visa During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Extension of Visa During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Visa Extension Due to Corona Virus

The coronavirus pandemic has created to a large number of travel rules and restrictions. Stop travelling from one country to other, canceled booking of flights, and stop providing visas have affected global movement of peoples.

Many people have been lived in a foreign country, unable to come back home. Peoples may be worried about expiry of their visa.

Many Countries Government have allowed foreigners visitors to remain legally in the country if they are unable to leave. Few have extended visas, while others countries require the foreign citizens to apply for an extension of visa.

The coronavirus, few of them also called as COVID-19, was first found in Wuhan, China. It very fast spread around the whole world including USA, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Iran etc.

Many passenger flights have been canceled and they cannot leave the country and living with a visa that is soon to expire or has been already expired.

US Visa Extension During COVID-19

Citizens of foreign countries visiting the USA must leave the country before the expiry of their visa or ESTA that is an US eVisa.

US visas allows people to stay of between 30 and 180 days and ESTA allows visitors to stay upto 90 days.

All foreign citizens living in US are advised to apply for an extension of stay before the visa expiration date of their previous US visa. Visitors need to fill Online application form for USA Visa extension and need to contact with US Immigration Services.

UK Visa Extension during COVID-19

Foreign citizens who is currently living in the UK and unable to leave the country due to travel restrictions during the coronavirus will be able to extend their visa till JULY 31, 2020.

All citizens can apply for UK visa extension online by completing an application form for visa extensions.

Australia Visa Extension Due to Coronavirus

Foreign citizens presently living in Australia with a visitor visa or Electronic visa are advised to go back to their home country as soon as possible.

If they are unable to leave the country and the visa or ETA is going to expire, the travellers must apply for a new visa. All visitors must apply for the new visa or electronic visa before the current visa expires.

New Zealand Visa Extension Due to COVID-19

New Zealand government has declared that all visas that were expire between April 2 and July 9, 2020 will be automatically extended to September 25.

How to Apply for Canada Visa Extension during the Coronavirus?

Foreign Citizens who is living in Canada and whose visa is going to expire can request for visa extension. Visa extension for Canada due to coronavirus can be apply online to get Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Canada

India Visa Extension Rules During COVID-19

India is no longer providing visas for foreigners travelers who is planing to visit the India and all other visas that have already been issued have been suspended for further notice.

UAE Visa Extension Rules during the Coronavirus

The UAE has suspended all visa services. Presently he is not issuing new visas or allowing visa extensions. UAE has announced that all foreign citizens presently living in the UAE will be exempt from overstay fines. All UAE Visa has bee extended till December 31 due to coronavirus

How to Extend a Visa for Oman during COVID-19?

Oman visa extension are available from the ROP Visa website from there visitors can apply for visa extension due to coronavirus and obtain their extended visas.

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