Evisa Oman: Apply Oman e visa online | Oman visa application form

Evisa Oman: Apply Oman e visa online | Oman visa application form

Evisa Oman: Apply Oman e visa online | Oman visa application form

EVisa Oman

The eVisa Oman System is an online web based application that allows visitors to apply, pay and receive evisa information once Oman visa issued.

Oman Tourist Visa Online (unsponsored Oman visa):

Travellers for Oman can now apply online forĀ  Oman eVisas to visit the Sultanate of Oman. These visas allow authorized passport holders to enter the country for specific periods for touristic purpose. Applications can be submitted on the Musafirevisa online.

Purpose of the eVisa Oman system:

Allows Travellers to process their Oman visas before traveling to the Sultanate of Oman.
Automates and simplifies the process of obtaining an Oman visa online according to the rules and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman.

Uses latest technology for the Oman visa processing.
Generates accurate information on the number of people visiting the Sultanate of Oman.
Enhance communication between travellers and authorities.

How to apply online for your Oman eVisa

Submit your Oman visa application online:

Fill in the Oman visa application form according to your travel documents
Attach the required documents for your Visa

Make your payment Online:

Your Oman visa fees can be paid by credit or debit card through a Payment Gateway by Online and secure manners.

Receive your notification and visa notification:

Applicants will receive e-mail notification of your online Oman visa application. Once you received your approved eVisa Print your eVisa and present it to the Omani border control authorities.

Note :

1. Oman Visa Validity For Entry: including the issuance day.
2. Duration Of Stay : Including the entry and the departure days
3. Oman Visa fee : all inclusive fee in US Dollars or INR for Indian Citizens and Residents.
4. Oman eVisas are not extendable.
5. Visa fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.
6. Visa application processing time is 02 to 04 Oman Working days.
7. Only normal passports will be accepted to apply for Oman Visa Online

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