How to apply Oman visa from Malaysia

How to apply Oman visa from Malaysia

How to apply Oman visa from Malaysia

Malaysia is one country in all of 67 countries which can apply for an Oman visa online. Malaysian citizens can get this service from and within 15 minutes, you can submit Oman visa application form successfully.

We provide oman tourist visa in 3 business days but if you want to get it fast then use our express service and get your entry visa in 6-8 working hours.

To make application approval faster, complete all needed oman visa requirements and that handle the rest.


Which documents do Malaysian needs to apply oman evisa successfully?

There is a small list of Oman evisa requirements needed for Malaysian to get an oman e visa successfully. There is not too much hard just fill out the visa application form and make payment and get your entry permit in just turnaround time.

Passport - Scanned copy of your passport information page. Passport should be valid at least 6 months from the date of arrival.

Photograph: A colored scanned copy of your passport size photograph.

Email address: Register a valid email address with us for sending your oman visa successfully at your mailbox.

How to Fill Oman Visa Application Form From Malaysia?

Musafirevisa has an evisa Oman application form with a very easy and simple layout. Everyone can easily understand it and fill it with minimum documentation. It is a two-step application form first part is personal information form and the second one is a visa information form.

We also have a trained visa experts team so if you any kind of issue regarding a visa with us then you can contact us via chat at our website.


The form starts from the home page. Here you fill nationality and living in after that the best part of visa form comes - oman visa types. Here you will see three types of oman visa according to the staying purpose in Oman.


10 days oman visa (single entry) - For short term stay.

30 days oman visa (single entry) - It is for some more days stay.

1 year oman visa (multiple ) - it allows 30 days stay in Oman but it is a multiple entry visa. With this visa type, you can enter in entry oman multiple time with 1 year from the visa issuing date.

So choose your most relevant visa type according to your staying purpose and proceed the application form. Now you will get a two step application. We have already discuss about it in above mention content so fill it and proceed the form. Now you will see your visa application status summary.

Here in below, click on make payment button and do you visa payment. After that our visa experts team send your application to the immigration department for approval. After approval we will send your visa copy in your mailbox. Get it’s print-out and take a happy journey to Oman. Thank You!!!

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