How to Apply Oman Visa Online From Saudi Arabia

How to Apply Oman Visa Online From Saudi Arabia

How to Apply Oman Visa Online From Saudi Arabia

There are many possible ways available on internet by which you can get an eVisa Oman from Saudi Arabia. In all of these ways, one is simply get a omani visa by submit an Oman visa online application with necessary documents at, rop visa etc.

These all online consultancy genuinely recognised and provide oman visa at time.

If your documents are correct and full-fill the oman visa requirements successfully then definitely you will get approval soon and also get visa in your mailbox within a day.

There are few factors, you should be considered during applying an oman visa online.

Do you need a visa for oman?

There are 67 countries in the world that do not need a visa to enter in Oman for less than or equal to 90 days and there are two countries that enters into oman without visa for less than or equal to 15 days for any kind of purpose like travelling, medical etc.

If you have a passport of another country then it means you are the citizen of that country. At this condition, you will be need to apply an oman evisa from Saudi Arabia.

Oman Visa Requirement to Apply Oman Visa from Saudi Arabia

There are a small list of documents to get a omani visa online but it may be change according to country to country or person to person.

List of standard documents which you will need during applying a visa to oman from Soudi Arabic. 

6 month valid passport from the date of arrival

Coloured scanned copy of your front facing photograph

If you are not belong to the schengen country then you must have a valid schengen visa or a visa of uk/australia/us/japan.


What is the cost of oman visa?

There are many different prices available on the internet so it could safe, if you check it by yourself.

Note: Day by day, the cost of living in oman is pretty high so the other cost like fight, hotels, visa will be increasing continue.

So consult with the official or government oman visa consultancy.


For How Much Time The Oman Visa will be valid?

A valid oman visa have maximum one month(30 days) validity from the date of arrival.

The stay validity may be different according to the visa type. There are three types of oman visa on the basis of stay in Oman.

10 days oman visa: have 10 days stay validity with 30 days visa validity from the date of arrival. It is a single entry visa.

30 days oman visa: have 30 days stay validity with 30 days visa validity from the date of arrival. It is also a single entry visa.

1 year oman visa: It is a exception case because the feature of this visa type is not same according to its name. We also stay only for 30 days in this visa type. But it have beneficial feature; it is a multiple entry visa with 30 days visa validity.

If you read all the above mentioned queries carefully then you realize that to get a oman visa from saudi is too easy than any other countries.

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