Oman Visa for German Citizens - Oman Visa

Oman Visa for German Citizens - Oman Visa

Oman Visa for German Citizens - Oman Visa

Oman Travel Visa Requirements for German Nationals

German citizens who hold a valid German passport are able to apply for an eVisa Oman. This travel eVisa can be solicited online and is merely a matter of completing an application form and sending it off.

This guide informs of the requirements and conditions for applying for a travel visa to Oman, as well as how to apply.

How to Apply for a Oman eVisa with a German Passport

The following requirements list what you need in order to be eligible for the Oman visa application:

You must be a citizen from one of the eligible countries for entering Oman (i.e., Germany), or a resident of a GCC country. Check the validity of your German passport, as it must be valid for at least 6 months on your date of entry to Oman. You must be able to pay the online visa payment fee with a valid method of payment (all standard payment methods are accepted). Please note that your Oman travel eVisa should be carried on your person at all times during your stay, as well as other necessary documentation, such as your German passport.

Travel Visa Application Process for Oman with a German Passport

Once you have checked that you are eligible for applying for a Oman visa, you can start processing your visa application. It’s as simple as completing an application form with the necessary information:

Personal details German passport details Details of your trip to Oman

Failure to provide correct information could result in the rejection or failure to process your tourist visa. Double check the expiration date on your passport to ensure that it will be valid for a minimum of 6 months upon entering Oman. In the case that it won’t be valid, it will be necessary to apply for another German passport before applying for your Oman eVisa.

Your application will be sent to the Ministry of Interior of the State of Oman for approval and will be sent to you via email once it has been approved. You are required to print your approved Oman travel visa ready for presentation at border control in Oman upon your arrival. This travel eVisa must be on your person at all times throughout your visit in Oman.

Please bear in mind that the Oman travel visa is only valid for a stay of up to 30 days (maximum). It is a single and multiple entry visa only and cannot be used once it has passed its expiration date.

German Citizens Traveling to Oman on a Travel Visa

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