Oman Visa for Sri Lanka | eVisa Requirements for Sri Lankan

Oman Visa for Sri Lanka | eVisa Requirements for Sri Lankan

Oman Visa for Sri Lanka | eVisa Requirements for Sri Lankan

The Sri Lankan passport holders are required to apply for a visa for Oman before traveling to the country. Citizens of the eligible countries traveling to Oman for tourism can apply for an 28 days GCC Oman eVisa. Sri Lankan citizens who is the residents of the GCC countries can get eVisa for Oman.

Sri Lankan citizens traveling to Oman for tourism are advised to complete the simple eVisa online form in advance to save time and hassle queuing for a visa at the Omani border.

Sri Lankan citizens wishing to travel to Oman for other purposes such as to work or study, are not eligible to apply for the Oman Visa from Sri Lanka. In such cases it is necessary to obtain another type of visa from the Omani Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Oman Visa and Passport Requirements for Sri Lankan Citizens

In order to apply for the Oman eVisa from Sri Lanka, eligible travelers must first meet some requirements for the visa online. It is necessary to:

Have a Sri Lankan passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry to Oman.
GCC Residents ID card and GCC Country Visa
Color Photograph background should be plain.
Provide valid credit/debit card details to pay the Oman visa from Sri Lanka fee
Provide a current email address at which to receive the Oman online visa for Sri Lankan citizens

Apply for the Oman online Visa from Sri Lanka

In order to obtain the Oman online visa from Sri Lanka, it is necessary to submit a simple online application which only takes a few minutes to fill in. Applicants are required to supply some personal and passport information to complete the form, including name, nationality, date and place of birth, and travel document number.

Once approved, the Oman eVisa for Sri Lankan citizens is sent to the email address provided during the application process. The traveler can then print a copy to present at Oman border control alongside the passport used for the application.

Travelers are advised to keep the printed copy of the Oman eVisa from Sri Lanka on their person during the entire stay.

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