Oman Visa | Know About Oman Visa Rules | Oman Visa Policy

Oman Visa | Know About Oman Visa Rules | Oman Visa Policy

Oman Visa | Know About Oman Visa Rules | Oman Visa Policy

Everything which you required to know about Oman tourist visas

Threre are four types of Oman Visit Visa which tourist can apply online. These are the following:

10 Days Oman Tourist Visa Eligibility

If you have a vald passport of the eligible country or territory you can apply for 10 days Oman evisa to visit the Oman. This visa is valid for 30 Days and and stay validity is only 10 days. It is a single entry visa.

30 Days Oman Visa Eligibility

Tourist who have passport of the eligible country can apply for 30 days Oman visit visa to visit the Oman. This visa is valid for 30 Days and and stay validity is only 30 days. It is a single entry visa.

1 Year Multiple Entry Oman Visa Eligibility

Visitors who have passport more than six months validity of the eligible country can apply for 1 Year Oman tourist visit visa to visit the Oman. This visa is valid for 30 Days and and stay validity is only 30 days. It is a multiple entry visa.

28 days Oman Visa for GCC Residents

Applicants who is residents of the GCC country and have valid passport of the eligible country can apply for 28 Days Oman Visa to visit the Oman. This visa is valid for 30 Days and and stay validity is only 28 days. It is a single entry visa and is only for Alien of GCC countries residents.

Important information for Oman Visa

Before you travel to the Oman, you need to check your visa requirements and make sure you have a valid visa and passport needs to be valid for a minimum six month period. Check out if you need to apply for an Oman visa before arriving in Oman and other passport requirements.

Required documents for Oman eVisa 

The following documents are required for G1 Countries for Oman Visa. Additional documents may be required, depending on your country of residence. Please select your nationality and present living in to check the visa requirements for more information:

1. Colour photograph of applicant
2. Colour copy of applicant's passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months.

Countries who do not not belongs from G1 Countries also required additional documents:

3. Scanned copy valid Schengen Visa or a valid visa from Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States or any European country.

Documents required only for 28 days GCC Oman Visa not for other visa type:

4. GCC Country Residents ID card.
5. Copy of GCC Country Visa.

Rules and conditions for eVisa Oman

Visa fees must be paid online at the time of  visa application form filled.
Musat have a valid passport and valid more than six months.
Visa fees are non-refundable.
Visa processing time is approximately 2 to 4 working days.
Entry into the Oman is subject to immigration approval.
All visas are valid to enter Oman for 30 days from the date of issue.

How and where to apply for your Oman visa

Visitors of Oman can apply for Oman tourist visa at ROP or Royal Oman Police website or

Apply online

Nationals of countries requiring an Oman visa can now apply and pay for their visas online through or ROP.

You can submit an application and receive your Oman visa online without having to visit embassay or Consulate. You can apply for your Oman visa through our Online Oman Visa System.

The online visa application service is available for residents and nationals of many countries around the world. Find out if you can apply for a Oman visa. Applicants' passports must have at least six months' validity as of their date of travel to Oman.

A minimum of two working days prior to arrival in Oman is required, however Musafirevisa does recommend that online applications are made as early as possible.

Apply your Oman Visa from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain

If you are GCC residents and have a valid gcc residents ID card and have a valid profession they can apply for a visa. Please note that this is only required for 28 Days Oman visa not for other visa type.

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