Guidelines to Resume Travel for Oman After COVID-19

Guidelines to Resume Travel for Oman After COVID-19

Guidelines to Resume Travel for Oman After COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has stop the journey of Oman. Presently Oman has suspended all flights and visa services due to cronavirus which is also known as COVID-19. 

Tourist for Oman wanted to know when travel will resume after the coronavirus will control. When will Oman eVisa services will be resume for tourist so that they could apply for Oman Visa and plan his travel.

Due to Coronavirus travel is not easy for Oman. Now tourist also in fear so it is not easy to start travel as soon as possible.

When will Oman Coronavirus Travel Restrictions will Suspended?

All travellers can wait till July 2020 last or August 2020 first week once everything will be in control then Royal Oman Police will announce about to restart visa services and flights for Oman after Covid-19.

It will declared in Royal Oman police website "Dear visitor,
In line with precautionary measures established by the Sultanate of Oman, to limit the spread of the pandemic Corona virus, all visas are no longer available until further notice." 

You need to track regularly to get the latest update for Oman Visa. Once Visa services started travel for Oman will Resume Soon..

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