Saudi Visa Information | Visas for Saudi | Requirements, Cost

Saudi Visa Information | Visas for Saudi | Requirements, Cost

Saudi Visa Information | Visas for Saudi | Requirements, Cost

Tourism in Saudi Arabia has expanded a lot over the years. As per expert Kingdom to be among the top five tourist destinations in the world by 2025. According to the authorities, more tourists will pour on the Kingdom especially after Saudi Arabia started issuing e-tourist visas online.

How To Apply Saudi Arabia E Tourist Visa.

1. You can apply online for Saudi E-tourist Visa by uploading your passport copy and photo.
2. Fill Online Saudi Visa Application form.
3. Pay the visa fee Online using credit or debit card.
4. After approval of your visa, E-tourist Visa will be sent to you by email registered with us.

Documents Required For Saudi Arabi E Tourist Visa

1. A passport valid for at least six months, with at least two blank visa pages adjacent to each other. The passport must be acceptable to enter both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the applicant's next destination.
2. One digital copy passport size color photograph with a white background. Photograph(s) must be full-face shots.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types and e-Visa Validity

Saudi Arabia provides 90 Days Multiple entry Visa. Which validity 12 Months from the date of issue and Stay Validity is the 90 Days.

How to Track Saudi Arabi Visa Online

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To check the status of the Saudi Arabia visa application by using the passport number, the applicant would need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Visit the official Saudi Arabia visa website.
2. Go to tracking the Saudi Arabia visa application status.
3. Enter the reference number or passport number and the date of birth and click Submit.
4. The status of the visa application would be displayed.

Note: Saudi Arabia e-Visa applied on Musafirevisa can be track Only with us using below link.

While you can check the status of the Saudi visa application using the reference number or the passport number, Also Visa authorities send the status of the application on the mobile number and the email address provided in the application form.

Applicants can choose to opt for the traditional paper-based method or the e-Visa facility when it comes to applying for a visa.

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Process

When applying for a Saudi visa, applicants are required to fill and submit application form an upload required documents depending on the type of eVisa Saudi Arabia which is being applied for.

The visa can be applied for Online for elligible countries. Countries which are not available in the list can obtain visa by visiting the consulates or any outsourcing.

The details regarding the process, documents required to be submitted, processing time taken for the Saudi visa application can be found from the official websites of the Saudi Arabia immigration department or you can same apply on Musafirevisa by paying minimum service charge here you will get Support from visa expert and maximum chance of visa approval.

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Reference Number

Once the applicant submits the e-Visa application for a Saudi visa along with the relevant details at the online or consulates , an acknowledgement receipt number is provided. This acknowledgement receipt number is also known as the reference number or file number.

The applicant can check the status of the visa application using this reference number. The status can be checked through an online platform or by calling the Saudi authorities and providing them with the acknowledgement number.

If the applicant forget the file number, he/she can get the status of the visa application using the passport number. few countries provide this facility, most of the countries are starting to promote the checking of visa application status using the passport number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I submit a Saudi visa application online?

Yes, you can a submit a Saudi Arabia visa application online countries which are in the elligible list of countries.

How long does it take for a Saudi Arabia visa application to be processed?

The time taken to process a Saudi e-visa application varies depending on the type of visa. Mostly Application processed on Musafirevisa has been processed with in 24 to 48 Working Hours.

Is the Saudi arabia visa application fee refunded, if the application is rejected?

The Saudi Arabia visa application fee that is paid by the applicant is not refunded to him/her by the authorities, even though the application for the Saudi visa is rejected by them.

Can the status of the Saudi visa application be checked?

Yes, the status of the Saudi e-visa application can be checked after the application is successfully processed to the concerned authorities.

How can I check about tracking the status of the Saudi visa application?

The status of the visa application can be tracked using the reference number that is provided to the applicant at the time of filling his/her application to the authorities or Musafirevisa. The number can be used online or by providing it to the visa application customer support.

If I apply for a Saudi visa through any outsourcing and visa agency services specialist, do I need to pay any extra amount?

Yes, an additional amount needs to be paid if the e-visa is applied for through any outsourcing and visa agency services specialist.

Can the Saudi visa application fee be paid online?

Yes, the visa application fee can be paid online.

Do the Musafirevisa provide updates on Saudi visa status?

The Musafirevisa do provide updates on the status of the visa application.

Is Tracking Saudi Visa status using the passport number Possible?

Yes, the status of the Saudi tourist e-visa can be Tracked using the passport number in Musafirevisa. if the applicant misplaces the reference number provided to him.

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