Saudi Arabia eVisa Form | Saudi Online Visa Application Form

Saudi Arabia eVisa Form | Saudi Online Visa Application Form

Saudi Arabia eVisa Form | Saudi Online Visa Application Form

All visitors wishing to travel Saudi Arabia for stays of up to 90 days will need to apply for a Saudi Arabia electronic visa online before leaving their country of origin. The Saudi Arabia eVisa is an electronically visa that allows citizens from eligible nationals to quickly and efficiently apply online for a visa to enter Saudi Arabia.

The online eVisa form for Saudi Arabia takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. By completing this online electronic visa application, visitors save the time, and hassle, they would otherwise spend making a physical application in an embassy or consulate.

Information about the Saudi Arabia eVisa Application Form

Before beginning the Saudi Arabia eVisa application, each applicant should review the following Saudi Arabia visa requirements to ensure they are eligible for a Saudi Arabia electronic travel visa:

It is essential all Saudi Arabia eVisa holders:

Possess a valid passport from an eligible country with 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Saudi Arabia;

Have a current email address to get all notifications and the approved Saudi Arabia eVisa;

And GCC* residents must also possess a valid residence permit from the GCC country;
*GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) members: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

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With this information available, applicants can begin to complete the Saudi Arabia eVisa form which contains questions detailed below and a profile section to upload the necessary documents.

What does the Saudi Arabia eVisa Form include?

Once the applicant has the necessary Saudi Arabia visa information available, they can access the first part of the Saudi Arabia eVisa application form.

The first section includes the standard Saudi Arabia eVisa application questions which require basic personal information about the applicant. The application asks for the visitor’s name, date and country of birth, sex, marital status, level of education, occupation, passport country and date of issue, expiry date and number as well as the applicant’s contact phone and email address.

The Saudi Arabia eVisa applicants must introduce the approximate date of arrival and address while in Saudi Arabia. Also, if the applicant has applied in the past for a Saudi Arabia eVisa, they can provide the previous eVisa number to speed up the process.

The second section of the visa for Saudi Arabia application requires travelers to submit their additional supporting documentation in the form of a scanned copy of their biometric passport page and in certain cases a copy of their GCC country residence permit.

For those citizens who need to apply for a Saudi Arabia tourist visa before traveling, they can do so by submitting the Saudi Arabia eVisa Application.

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