Dubai Tourist Visit Visa Apply for Yemeni Travelers

Dubai Tourist Visit Visa Apply for Yemeni Travelers

Dubai Tourist Visit Visa Apply for Yemeni Travelers

UAE tourist visit Visa is required for Yemeni Citizens

Apply UAE visa from Yemen find the basic requirements of the UAE tourist visa for the citizens of the Yemen. Visitors from Yemen who is planing to visit UAE required visa. Yemeni Citizens can obtain tourist visa by filling an online UAE Visa application form

UAE Tourist Visa Documents Requirements for Yemen Citizens

Yemen Citizens planing to visit UAE need UAE visa which they can obtain online. Before apply for UAE visa from Yemen the citizens of the Yemen should have a valid passport and a color photograph to apply for UAE visa online. Passport should be valid more than six months.

Step to Apply for UAE eVisa for Yemen National

Step1: Select your nationality and current resident from the list of countries.

Step2: Fill out Travel details with valid travel date and email.

Step3: Fill out Personal details and Passport number etc.

Step4: Upload the Passport copy and color photograph

Step5: Submit the visa application form

Step6: Pay Online Visa fee to get visa with in 3 to 5 days by email.

UAE Visa validity for Yemeni Citizens

Validity of the UAE visa for Yemeni Citizens is 60 days from the date of the visa issue so visitors are required to visit uae from Yemen with in 60 days from the date of visa approval.

Stay Validity of UAE Visa for Yemeni Citizens

Stay validity of UAE visa for Yemeni Nationals are depend upon the visa type which Yemeni travellers have applied. Maximum stay validity for UAE visa is 60 Days from the date of entry in the UAE.

UAE Visa Type for Yemeni Citizens

The following visa types are available for the Yemeni Citizens

1. 14 Days Single Entry

2. 30 Days Single and Multiple Entry

3. 60 Days Single and Multiple Entry

Embassy of UAE in Yemen

Address: United Arab Emirates Embassy
Circular Lane, Behind Central Security Building
P.O. Box 2250

Phone: +967-124-8777
Fax: +967-124-8779