Oman eVisa for Belgian Citizens | Oman visa from Belgium

Oman eVisa for Belgian Citizens | Oman visa from Belgium

Oman eVisa for Belgian Citizens | Oman visa from Belgium

As part of the European Union, Belgium is one of the eligible countries whose citizens can apply for an Oman eVisa in order to travel to and around the State of Oman. Since 2018, the eVisa also known as a Oman visa has been available for certain nationalities who wish to visit Oman. Those who can apply for an Oman visa on arrival can also apply for the Oman eVisa.

Oman Visa Requirements for Belgians

As with any travel visa application, there are certain requirements for the eVisa Oman for Belgians. These include necessary documentation in order to apply for the visa and other tools that Belgian citizens should have available to be able to complete their application.

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Most importantly, all Belgian citizens should be in possession of a valid passport, authorized by the Belgian government with a validity of 6 months from the proposed date of arrival in Oman. It is essential that all Belgian nationals who are eligible for the Oman eVisa do this because it will be a deciding factor for granting the visa.

Additionally, to obtain the Oman visa for Belgians, citizens must also present an authorized email address when applying as this is where the approved Oman eVisa will be sent once it has been reviewed.

Finally, in order to pay the fee for the Oman online visa, travelers should have a credit/debit card to complete the application process through the online platform.

The Oman eVisa Online Application Form

To apply for the Oman eVisa, Belgian nationals should access the Oman eVisa form where they will be required to provide certain information including:

Personal contact details
Passport data
Travel plans
Health information
The application for a Oman visa for Belgian citizens is quick and easy to complete and takes approximately 10 minutes to provide the relevant information. Once each applicant has filled out the form, it will be sent for review by the State of Oman and a denial or approved eVisa email will be sent to the applicant within a few days, thus eliminating the need for travelers to continue to visit a Omani embassy or consulate in their country of origin.

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It is vital that all citizens applying for an online Oman visa for Belgians answer all the questions in the application form to the full extent of their knowledge, truthfully and accurately.

Oman eVisa Regulations for Belgian Citizens

The Oman eVisa permits its holders one entrance into the State of Oman for a total of a 30-day stay from the date of entry. This means travelers cannot leave and re-enter the country with the same visa as it is classed as a multiple-entry visa, nor can they stay longer than a 1-month period with their approved Oman eVisa.

The Oman eVisa for Belgians is valid for entry into the State of Oman for the duration of one month from the date of issue. This means that if the visa is not used to enter Oman within one month of approval, the visa will expire and any citizens wishing to enter Oman will have to apply for a new Oman online visa before traveling.

It is also crucial that Belgian citizens applying for a Oman travel visa make completely sure that all of the information provided on their application corresponds correctly to the information from their passport and other documentation supplied because any inconsistencies can result in a visa denial or rejection.

For further information regarding Oman visas, you can check out the different types of Oman visas available for different travelers or visit the Omani Embassy. But, to avoid long queues and get your Oman visa from the comfort of your home, Belgian citizens can now apply for the eVisa for Oman directly online.

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