90 Days Saudi Visa Types Requirements | Visas for Saudi

90 Days Saudi Visa Types Requirements | Visas for Saudi

90 Days Saudi Visa Types Requirements | Visas for Saudi

If you are looking for Saudi Visit Visa, Umrah Visa or Saudi Tourist Visa Musafirevisa can process your visas with the easiest documentation and procedure.
You can visit Saudi using this visa By Air or By Road.

90 days Saudi Visa is USD 198. It allows you to Stay upto 90 Days in Saudi. Saudi Visa validity is 12 Months.

Documents Required for Saudi Visit Visa

Only two documents are required which are as follows:

1. Passport Copy.

2. Photograph with white background

Normally Saudi Visit visa or Tourist Visa will be ready in 2 to 4 days. Which you will receive in your email. take a print out of this visa and Visit Saudi.

However if It is Urgent for You Please Apply for Express Saudi Visa, You will get Urgent Saudi Visit or Saudi tourist Visa Which Cost is USD 262 Per Application.

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Using this Saudi Visit or tourist Visa, You are legally allows to visit any Place in Saudi until your e-Visa expire.

At the time of applying for Saudi visit or tourist visa please let us know how you are planing to enter Saudi By road or Air.

if you have any query regarding Saudi Visit Visa or Tourist Visa Please send email at contactus@musafirevisa.com or send whatsup to +919319223972.

Foreigner Residents of the Dubai or UAE can also obtain Saudi Visit Visa or Tourist Visa By filling Simple Saudi Visa application form Online and Pay your e-Visa fee Online.

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What purposes You can Use Saudi Tourist e-Visa

1. Tourism purposes in Saudi.

2. To perform Umrah In Saudi

2. Visit of relatives/friends Who resides in Saudi

3. Short term business stay.

4. Sports activities

5. Cultural, scientific or humanitarian activities.

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Electronic Visa for Saudi Arabia for Tourism and Umrah

Apply Online Umrah Visas | KSA e-Visa to Visit Saudi

Complete Saudi Arabia e-Visa Process, Apply And Track Online

Complete guide to obtain the Saudi Arabia Online visa

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