Saudi Visa for Chinese Citizens | eVisa Requirements for Saudi

Saudi Visa for Chinese Citizens | eVisa Requirements for Saudi

Saudi Visa for Chinese Citizens | eVisa Requirements for Saudi

Saudi Arabia visa for Chinese citizens can be obtain simply, as if you hold a passport of China with validity at least six month from the date of entry and planning to visit Saudi for up to 90 days, you can get a Saudi Arabia eVisa online. Saudi eVisa can be received at the email which you have submitted with us.

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Saudi Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

When applying for Saudi Tourist visit Visa Chinese need to provide these required documents:

1. Copy of Passport issued by the People's Republic of China that is valid for at least Six Months from the day of your arrival to Saudi Arabia.
2. One passport size photograph. Background should be plain.

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Where can Applicants get Saudi Tourist eVisa for Chinese?

Chinese can obtain eVisa to Saudi at email which they have provided to us with Online Saudi Visa Application form. Travellers who is planing to visit Saudi Arabia need to fill Online Saudi Visa Application form with required documents. Once application form submitted they need to pay Saudi Visa fee.
Saudi Tourist visa allows tourist to visit Saudi Arabia upto 90 Days. It is a multiple entry Visa Type that means travellers can enter saudi more than once.

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Saudi eVisa Application for Chinese Citizens

Saudi Arabia eVisa Application service giving an option to apply for Saudi visa online was recently launched. Saudi tourist eVisa service will make application for Saudi visa at Saudi embassies and consulates much easier.

More information about Online application for Saudi Arabia visa online can be found here: Saudi E-Visa Application: Apply for Saudi Arabia Visa Online.

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