Saudi eVisa requirements for British Citizens | UK Visa Saudi

Saudi eVisa requirements for British Citizens | UK Visa Saudi

Saudi eVisa requirements for British Citizens | UK Visa Saudi

Get Saudi Visit eVisa from United Kingdom (UK) for the purpose of tourist meeting with friends and family and perform Umrah in Saudi, British Citizens Applicants wishing to travel to Saudi with a British passport need to apply for an Saudi visa which can be done easily and quickly online.

Read on to find out the requirements for a Saudi visa for British citizens, how to apply for a visa to Saudi and useful, additional information regarding travelling to Saudi from the UK.

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What do British citizens need to visit Saudi?

For British citizens, the requirements for travelling to Saudi are the following:

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Each tourist must hold a British passport with a validity extending 6 months beyond their arrival date in Saudi.

Citizens from the UK must apply for and carry their approved Saudi travel visa with them at all times.

Saudii border authorities can be very strict with immigration controls, and it is very important to have all the correct documents available including the Saudi tourist visa for British citizens, the corresponding passport, and any other necessary travel documents.

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How to apply for a Saudi visa with a British passport?

To obtain a Saudi visa online, British passport holders simply need to complete the online Saudi eVisa application which will ask general questions about the traveller, request passport information and details of the visit to Saudi.

The Saudi eVisa application process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and applicants usually receive the response within 24 hours although it can sometimes take longer.

The application process will require basic personal information including name, gender, date, and place of birth, country of citizenship, passport details such as country and date of issue, expiry date and passport number and also intended date of arrival and accommodation address.

The second section of the Saudi eVisa application to apply for Saudi visa online requires a copy of the biometric page of the applicant’s British passport.

After completing this application and sending it to be screened by the Ministry of Interior of the State of Saudi, you will receive an email with the approved eVisa for Saudi indicating the issue date, valid-until date and the visa number to be printed and presented to the authorities at the Saudi border control upon entry.

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Saudi Visa Online application from UK

Travelling to Saudi from the UK with eVisa
The eVisa for Saudi allows British citizens to travel to Saudi within one month of the issue date and permits a multiple entrance into the country.

British nationals can stay up to 90 days with the Saudi tourist visa it is a multiple entry Saudi visa type.

For a faster and more efficient process, apply online now for an Saudi eVisa for British citizens.

Embassay Of Saudi Arabia in London (UK)

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London is the diplomatic mission of Saudi Arabia in the United Kingdom Which address is:
30 Charles St, Mayfair, London W1J 5DZ, United Kingdom

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