Dubai Visa Guide | UAE Tourist Visa Requirements | Visit Dubai

Dubai Visa Guide | UAE Tourist Visa Requirements | Visit Dubai

Dubai Visa Guide | UAE Tourist Visa Requirements | Visit Dubai

Dubai Tourist Visit Visa and Entry Information

Dubai Visa Guide for Countries which required UAE Visa. Traveler to UAE of different countries required a visa, Now It is to obtain with Musafirevisa. Visitors who require an UAE visa to visit the UAE. The best way about travelling to UAE is UAE visa is just a click away. With simple and easy steps to follow, you can apply for an UAE visa online.

UAE eVisa available from 2015, UAE eVisa system allows visitors of eligible countries to apply for UAE visa online without having to visit to an embassy. Now all citizens and passport holders of eligible countries can easily apply for Dubai visa online and receive it email registered with us.

UAE Visa Guide for eligible Citizens and Check your UAE Visa requirements to visit Dubai

Apply Dubai Visa online for Egypt, South Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Indonesian, Turkey, Indian, Pakistani and other countries which are eligible require a UAE visa to visit Dubai. This process is very simple as you can apply for UAE Visa online. You don’t need to apply for a separate Dubai Visa from Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries residents. There are no difference between Dubai and UAE visa both are same so don't get confused.

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What is the UAE eVisa?

UAE eVisa is an electronic document which authorized travelers to visit Dubai for tourism and business purposess and allows short stay in UAE. You receive this visa in the form of pdf via email. You are need to carry a printout of this pdf documents while travelling.

What are the requirements to apply for Dubai Visa online?

These are the following requirements to obtain for Dubai Visa Online:
Passport copy valid for 6 months.
Color passport size photograph
Flight tickets with return tickets.
Hotel booking Receipt.
Note: Only passport and photograph is required to get your Dubai visa. Hotel booking and tickets are required once your visa get approved.

Stay validity and entries for UAE eVisa

The validity of your UAE tourist visa is based on your UAE visa type which you have applied. If you have applied for a UAE tourist visa for 14 days, then you can stay upto 14 days from the day of entry into UAE. The number of entries will depend on the type of UAE Visa which you have applied.

How to obtain your UAE visa online?

The simplest way to get your UAE visa online is possible with Musafirevisa. Musafirevisa provide 24x7 chat support and whatsup support, email support etc. The online submission and processing of the visa application form and uploading of required documents are extremely short and simple at Musafirevisa. check more about Dubai visa and How to apply UAE Visa Online.

Processing time for UAE Visa

At Musafirevisa, The processing time of UAE eVisa is 3 to 7 business days.

How can you apply for an UAE Visa?

Visitors can apply for your UAE e-Visa at by submitting a Dubai visa online application form. Here applicants need to select the nationality and present resident from the dropdown and click on submit. Once you submit the visa application form you will be directed to visa fee details, select your required visa type and click on apply to fill your two step visa application form and upload the required documents and pay your visa fee online using credit card and debit card etc.

How much visa fee is required to pay for UAE visa?

Once you select your nationality and present living in at and click on submit you will see your fee details of different visa types. Select your required visa types, fill visa application form and upload required documents and pay your visa fee online.

What are the travelling rules of UAE Visa for Women?

Females applicants under the age of 21 years are eligible to apply for UAE visa online only when travelling with their parents. The online UAE visa application process at Musafirevisa allows you to add family applicants online in a single application process.

Do kids require a separate visa for Dubai?

Yes. Kids need to have their own UAE visa irrespective of their age while travelling. You need to carry a photocopy of the child’s passport, a photo and their birth certificate.

UAE visa process for GCC countries Residents

There are six GCC countries which are Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar. Applicants can apply for Dubai visa from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and other GCC countries. There are no separate rules for GCC residents. Few countries living in GCC countries required GCC residents ID card and GCC country Sponsored details to get Dubai Visa.

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