Type of Dubai Visa Available for Moroccan Citizens

Type of Dubai Visa Available for Moroccan Citizens

Type of Dubai Visa Available for Moroccan Citizens

Dubai one of the most favourite tourist place for Moroccon passport holders. Tourist who want to visit UAE for the purpose of tourist or business can check that what type of UAE visas are available for the residents of Morocco.

UAE Visas which Moroccon can apply

The following visa types are available for Moroccon which they can obtain online. 

1. 14 Days 

Moroccon can apply for 14 days Dubai visa which is valid for 60 days and allows to stay in UAE upto 14 Days.

2. 30 Days Dubai visa for Moroccon passport

30 days visa is also valid for 60 days and applicant can stay in dubai upto 30 days. These are available for single entry and multiple entry.

3. 60 days online visa Morocco residennts

60 Days visas are also available alows stay upto 60 days in UAE and is valid for 60 days is a single entry visa.

4. 90 Days Single entry visa

Single entry visa of Dubai for 90 days for Morocco is valid for 60 days and allows to live in dubai till 90 days.

5. 90 Days Multiple entry visa for Dubai

This type of visa is for multiple entry and is valid for 60 days. It is allows to visitors to travel Dubai multiple time and can stay 90 days from the dfate of entry in dubai..

Documents required for Dubai visa.

The following documents are required for Dubai visa.

1. Color Passport copy

2. Color photographs

How to Apply

1. Fill out online visa application form

2. Enter your personal details and Passport Details

3. Upload the required documents scan copy.

4. Pay your Dubai visa fee online

How much time required to get for UAE Visa?

Once applicants submitted the application they will receive the visa with in 3 to 5 working days.

Whats is the cost of dubai visa?

The cost of the Dubai visa is depend upon the selected visa type. It is different of different type of visas.

What is the Dubai visa validity?

Dubai visa is valid for 60 days, means applicants can travle to UAE with in 60 days from the date of visa issue.

What is the stay validity?

The stay validity of the UAE visa is from the 14 days to 90 days. It is also depend upon the visa type which applicants has been applied.