Apply e-Visa online and come early consulate of Oman

Apply e-Visa online and come early consulate of Oman

Apply e-Visa online and come early consulate of Oman

Officials at the Oman Consulate in UAE say you can still get Oman tourist visas on arrival at the Omani border ahead of the long weekend from 29 November 2019 to 3 December 2019 , but it is advised to apply for eVisas Online to avoid delays.

Visas on arrival at the border were no longer being issued and that everything had now gone online via the new https// portal or any Visa agency.

It would be better to Apply Oman Visa at to avoid your visa rejection. Musafirevisa have a team of visa experts who process your visa without any errors and takes minimum service charge for applying visas.

Apply your Oman visa at Musafirevisa click on Below to fill your Oman visa application form otherwise you are to apply Omani portal.

You can get e-Visa 24-36 hours at .

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But Royal Oman Police (ROP) on October 25, “#ROP kindly requests all visitors requiring visas traveling to #Oman to obtain their eVisas online before travel.

This will facilitate easy and efficient processing at the border posts. Visas on arrival are now an exception to the rule and eVisas should be used wherever possible.”

Tourists wishing to visit Oman can still obtain a visa on arrival at all the Omani border posts but are urged to rather obtain an eVisa in advance to save both time and money.

You can apply and find all the visa information in: https// –

“Royal Oman Police greeting all visitors to Oman and provides fast, easy and efficient processing at border posts.” Tourist would be better off applying online and in advance.

“Visas on the border could take time, so we advise do it online. Online requests could also get busy, so you should allow plenty of time for the approval,”.

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GCC residency permit holders on any passport with a validity of not less than six months can apply online and pay visa fee if they are among a list of professions that don’t require a sponsor listed on the portal.

All Applicants need to create an account, upload your passport copy, upload a picture not less than 512kb and pay e-Visa Fee.

This type of visa is called 29A. However dependents – not in the list of professions – will have to fill out 29B.

Dependents may not get their visas or be able to start the process until after the 29A person they are travelling with is approved, according to reports of Gulf News readers who have started the process.

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Applicants should allow at least four days for approval some time less.

Steps to get your visa

Applicant Should:

- Have a valid residency visa in any GCC country

- Are within a list of professions that can enter without sponsor

- Have a passport valid for a period of not less than six months

You can

- Log into

- Create an account

- Upload your passport copy

- Upload a picture that is not more than 512kb

- Pay Visa fee

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