How to Check Oman Visa is Fake or Original

How to Check Oman Visa is Fake or Original

How to Check Oman Visa is Fake or Original

Know about How to check my Oman Visa is original or fake. We all take breaks from our routines and travel to different places in the world for different experiences. In this process we urge our travel plans to be quick and hassle free. Sometimes, in heed of convenience we fall for the bumps. And then the results can be lethal. For seeking visit to our destinations, we all have to go through an array of legal and certified procedures which is different for different countries, visa being one of them.

Oman is an "Undisturbed gem of the Middle-East". Curious travelers have to undergo a short but stern procedure to secure a visa for Oman. Oman rolls out different types of visas for different purposes. Various portals offer visa services for Oman. You can apply for a physical visa or an E-Visa for Oman. Physical visa is when you visit the Embassy of Oman to and apply for a visa. For E-visa, you can apply Oman visa online.

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Recently many grievances fake visa for Oman have sprouted. Just to earn easy money, many unauthorized and irrelevant agencies have misled innocent travelers. To avoid fraudulent traps of fake visa, you have to keep a hawk’s eye to check whether your Oman visa is fake or original.

In this blog, you will be guided ‘How to check whether your Oman Visa is original or fake?’

Just follow the steps below and you can enjoy a hassle-free travel to Oman:-

Step 1 - Log on to Royal Oman Police websiteThis is the official website of Oman. The Royal Oman police are legally authorized to check not only the status of your visa but its originality too. The website offers many services to its visitors.
Website link:

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Step 2 - Choose online services from Services in the horizontal menu bar at the top After you log on to The Royal Oman Police website, you reach the home page of the website. The horizontal menu bar gives you an insight about the website and it has a fair amount of services to offer. Choose ‘Services’ menu and select ‘Visa Application Status’ from the ‘Online Services’.

Step 3 Enter your details
At this stage you are directed to a page which requires the following information. Please enter the information carefully. Number of the Electronic Form- this is the number which is generated after you submit your Oman Visa Application either online or physical. Remember, you can check your Oman visa status online as well.
The State- Enter your nationality.
Passport Number- Enter your passport number here.
Retype the characters displayed and click on ‘Send’ button below.

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Step 4 - Result If your Oman visa is fake, then you’ll be prompted that your verification number is not correct.
If your Oman eVisa is original, then you will be directed to a page which displays the stage of processing of your application.
A manual check can be done to check the originality of your eVisa Oman. But you are required to know the rules and regulations laid down by The Sultanate of Oman.
Time validity: An original Oman visa is valid for up to 6 months from the date of issue. Any visa committing a stay exceeding that date is fake visa.
Extension: A valid visa is allows a one-month extension to stay for a single entry of Oman. Any extension to the stay of 1 month is a fake visa indication.
Visa type: Oman offers different types of oman visa. For instance, if you’re visiting Oman to be enrolled in school then you should be given a student visa. The right kind of visa should be offered according to the purpose of the visit.
The above information will help you save from frauds which lead to embarrassment while travelling or even after entering Oman.

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