Oman eVisa from Hungary - Oman Online Visa Requirements

Oman eVisa from Hungary - Oman Online Visa Requirements

Oman eVisa from Hungary - Oman Online Visa Requirements

If you are traveling to Oman as a Hungarian citizen, there are some requirements that you should be aware of prior to beginning the visa application process. This is to ensure that any Hungarians visiting Oman do not encounter any unnecessary delays while applying for a visa.

As a citizen of a country belonging to the European Union, Hungarians are eligible to apply for and obtain an Oman eVisa online. This new online visa application process makes it easy to apply for a visa online without having to set up appointments at the embassy, fill out time-consuming paperwork or wait in long lines. The online process is quick and simple.

It is important to know the reason for your visit in order to determine the appropriate visa type for your needs. As a Hungarian citizen, you can apply for a Omani tourist visa, business visa or other types of visas depending upon your specific reasons for traveling to Oman.

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Passport Requirements for a Oman Visa Application

Before you begin the application process, please make sure that your passport adheres to the requirements set by the Omani Ministry of the Interior, who govern travel legislation. A Hungarian passport needs to have a validity of six months from the date of your arrival in the country. If your passport does not meet the required six-month validity from the date of your arrival in Oman, you may be turned away at the port of entry and denied access to the country. If your passport is set to expire within six months of your arrival in Oman, you should consider renewing your passport before you travel, in order to avoid any setbacks to your travel plans.

Applying for an eVisa to Oman

The online eVisa application allows Hungarian citizens to apply for a tourist visa to Oman and is a simple way of applying and receiving your eVisa before traveling.

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When completing the Oman eVisa form, travelers should enter their personal information and passport details. It is imperative that you enter the information exactly as it appears on your passport. Any discrepancies in the information provided on the online visa application form and an individual’s passport may result in being denied entry into Oman upon arrival at the airport.

It is also necessary to provide a valid email address and phone number with the eVisa application. Applicants will then be directed to enter their credit/debit card information in order to make the eVisa fee payment.

Once the visa application is submitted, Hungarian citizens will receive their eVisa via email in a few days. It may take up to 3 days before being being advised of a change in status of the application. Generally, weekends (Fridays and Saturdays in Oman) and public holidays cause delays in the processing of visa applications. It is important to take this into consideration if there is not much time before your visit to Oman.

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How Does the Visa for Hungarian Citizens Works?

Once you receive your visa by email, make sure you save an electronic copy on your phone and have a printed copy to take with you to the airport. It will be necessary to show both your passport and the printed copy of your eVisa to Omani airport authorities to gain entry into the country. You may even be asked to pay an additional visa fee at the airport upon your arrival. When traveling in Oman it is recommended that tourists keep a copy of their eVisa with them at all times.

The tourist visa allows Hungarian citizens to stay in Oman for 30 days, after which the visa will automatically expire, and the traveler will be required to leave the country. You should plan to leave Oman before the 30-day period is over in order to avoid any issues with airport/immigration authorities when leaving the country.

The eVisa is only valid for a single entry into Oman and cannot be used for multiple entries into Oman. If you leave the country before the 30 days are up, you will need a new visa to enter the country a second time.

It is also important to remember that it is strictly prohibited for people traveling to Oman on a tourist visa to apply for employment. Gaining employment unlawfully in Oman can lead to legal action being taken against you and will be grounds for deportation from the country.

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