Oman Visa for UAE Residents | Apply Oman eVisa from Dubai

Oman Visa for UAE Residents | Apply Oman eVisa from Dubai

Oman Visa for UAE Residents | Apply Oman eVisa from Dubai

Who Requires an Oman Visa from the UAE?

All foreign nationals — including Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi nationals — will required a valid visa in order to enter Oman. Dubai and UAE residents who hold a resident card issued by a GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and GCC Visa having validity more than three months with valid profession, country will be able to easily apply for an Oman travel visa. The GCC countries are:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

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Do UAE Passport Holders required the eVisa to Enter Oman?

Visitors holding a valid UAE passport will not require a travel visa in order to be granted entry to Oman.

Note: valid Profession from the List and GCC Visa and GCC ID Card is Only required for 28 Days GCC Visa. For other Visa Type only Passport and Photograph is required for G1 Nationals countries. 

This includes citizens born in the UAE and foreign nationals who have obtained citizenship status and a UAE passport, no matter their country of birth.

If you hold a foreign passport and a GCC card, you will need to obtain a visa before you can travel to Oman. This applies to all foreigners living in the UAE, including Dubai residents.

The application process for the Oman online visa for UAE residents is quick and simple. Find below further information and requirements.

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Requirements to Apply for a Visa for Oman from the UAE

GCC residents wondering how to get a Oman visa from Dubai and the rest of the UAE can find a list of requirements below. Please note that all requirements must be met in full.

The Oman visa requirements from Dubai and the UAE are:

  • GCC residency. Applicants wishing to obtain an Oman visa from Dubai and the UAE must be in possession of a GCC residency permit valid for at least 3 months from the moment of application.
  • Passport validity. The applicant must be in possession of a passport issued by an eligible country (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.). The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the moment of application.
  • Applicants profession should be available in the profession List.
  • GCC Residents Visa is Also Required which Should be valid more than three months.
  • Visa compliance. Upon entering Oman, visitors who’ve been granted temporary entry must comply with all visa conditions — such as not overstaying their visa in Oman — and must keep a copy of the visa on them at all times.
  • Travelers who overstay the permitted period or do not comply with the Oman visa requirements in other ways will be fined and subjected to legal accountability. This may include not being able to apply for a visa for Oman for UAE residents in the future.

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Professions Required According to the GCC Residency

Applicants holding a GCC residency must be professionals operating in specific fields or holding certain university degrees in order to be considered for a visa for UAE residents to Oman.

The list of accepted titles and positions matching the Oman visa requirements in Dubai and the UAE is the following:

Allowed Occupation List

Doctor Accountant Engineer
Computer Engineer Architect Geologist Engineer
Electronics Engineer Mechanical Engineer Flight Engineer
Agriculture engineer Budget Specialist Referee
Technologist Computer manager Project Manager
Software Analyst Social Specialist X-Ray technician
Electronic technician Dental technician Labaratory technician
Hospital Technician Translator Deputy Director
First Counselor Counselor Lawyer
Pilot Co-pilot Geologist
Programmer Vessel Supervisor Businessman
Investor Trading partner Pharmacist
Commercial Delegate Production Executive Sales Executive
Expert Supervisor Scientist
Advisor Captain Specialist treatment
Teacher Business woman Military Officer
Sport coach University Director Archaeologist
Physicist Chemist Head of Section
Dental surgeon General Manager / Deputy Director / Deputy
University teacher Lecturer Banker
Project Auditor School Guidance Officer Host
Sales Representative Tour Guide Broad caster/Anchor
Officer Poet Nurse
Musician Athletic Organiser Navigator
Health Observer Land Surveyor Artist
Author Production Assistant Designer
Employee Actor Painter
Athlete Broker Cameraman
Section Supervisor Prospector raised Assistant Mechanic
Preacher Dietician Journalist
Agriculture supervisor Store Inspector Wireless Operator
Interior Designer Writer Mechanic
Generator Operator Electrician Printing Operator
Nurse Assistant Temperament Coordinator
Specialist Jeweler Network Engineer
Technical support engineer Prosecutor Sales and Marketing Representative
Company / Institute Representative Flight Navigator Vessel Technician
Film cameraman Media Specialist Director
Marketing Agent Marketing Specialist

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Foreign Nationalities Residing in the UAE

There is a multitude of nationalities represented in UAE. Statistics show that the majority of foreigners applying for a Oman visa for Dubai residents hold Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi passports.

The requirements for a Oman visa for Pakistani UAE residents and a Oman visa for Indian UAE residents are the same as those for other nationals holding a valid GCC residency.

Regardless of the applicant’s country of origin, the Oman visa for GCC residents allows the traveler a temporary stay of maximum 28 days starting from the date of entrance. Once granted, the visa must be used to enter Oman within a month from its date of issue.

All foreign citizens residing in GCC Countries are also eligible to apply for eVisa Oman including Indian Pakistani etc.

Omani Embassy in UAE:
Abu Dhabi: Embassy of Sultanate of Oman
Address: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 2 446 3333

In Dubai: Address: 8th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 397 1000

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