Oman Visa for Saudi Arabia Residents | Apply Oman eVisa from Saudi Arabia

Oman Visa for Saudi Arabia Residents | Apply Oman eVisa from Saudi Arabia

Oman Visa for Saudi Arabia Residents | Apply Oman eVisa from Saudi Arabia

Apply for Oman Tourist Visa from Saudi Arabia

Citizens of Saudi Arabia can easily apply for a tourist Oman Visa from Saudi Arabia. There are different types of Oman visas available: the tourist e-Visa, visit visa, residence visa, transit visa, and entrance visa. Saudi Arabia travelers can obtain their Oman e-Visa by simply completing an online application form.

Note: valid Profession from the List and GCC Visa and GCC ID Card is Only required for 28 Days GCC Visa. For other Visa Type only Passport and Photograph is required for G1 Nationals countries. 

The Oman e-Visa system was implemented in 2018. All foreign visitors need a valid visa to enter Oman. Citizens of GCC countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE are eligible for the e-Visa to Oman as long as they have a valid GCC passport. Residents with a valid GCC card can also apply for an Oman visa from Saudi Arabia.

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Who Can Apply for an Oman Electronic Visa from Saudi Arabia?

Any person who meets the Oman e-Visa requirements can apply for this electronic visa. Travelers that are eligible for the e-Visa for Oman simply need to gather the necessary documents and fill out the online application form with their personal details, passport data, travel plans, and must also provide a valid email address. Foreign nationals, such as Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi, that live in Oman and hold a valid GCC card may also obtain the Oman e-Visa.

All the countries are eligible to obtain Oman Visa from Saudi Arabia if he has a valid residents id card and a GCC Visa.

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All Foreign nationals that live in Saudi Arabia

According to the UN, Saudi Arabia is home to over 9 million immigrants, with a majority of male immigrants that make up for 76.8 percent of the immigrant population. Most of the people that have immigrated to Saudi Arabia come from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Foreign nationals who live in Saudi Arabia and hold a GCC card do need to obtain a visa before traveling to Oman and can obtain one while living in Saudi Arabia.

Oman visa for Saudi Iqama holders requires that the applicant meets a few requirements. A citizen with a GCC card who wishes to visit Oman with the e-Visa needs to meet the following:

The validity of the GCC residency must exceed three months when applying for the Oman e-Visa.
A valid passport is also needed to get the e-Visa for Oman from Saudi Arabia. The passport must have at least six months validity from the time of entry and at least one blank page.
Professions required according to the GCC residency
According to the GCC residency, the applicant should have one of the following professions These are the list of profession for GCC Resident Regarding Oman Visa.

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Documents Required to apply for a visa for Oman from the Saudi Arabia

Citizens of Saudi Arabia need a few essential documents to apply for the Oman eVisa. Besides Saudi Arabia nationals, any eligible citizen applying from Saudi Arabia must also meet the requirements to enter Oman.

The Oman visa requirements for Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  • GCC Valid passport: Each passport must have a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Debit or credit card to pay for the visa fee
  • Digital copies: Even with the original passport, the applicant must supply digital copies and photographs
  • Email address: applicants will receive their eVisa on their mailbox
  • Security clearance: travelers from Saudi Arabia cannot have any restrictions that prevent them from entering or leaving the country
  • Health insurance: the traveler needs to have health insurance to enter Oman
    On average, the e-Visa for Oman takes about 3 business days to process. Although, it is possible that delays occur. Applicants are advised to apply with plenty of time before their intended date of entry.

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