Oman Visa for Bahrain Residents | Apply e-Visa from Bahrain

Oman Visa for Bahrain Residents | Apply  e-Visa from Bahrain

Oman Visa for Bahrain Residents | Apply e-Visa from Bahrain

Apply for an Omani Visa from Bahrain

It is possible to apply for a visa for Oman without visiting a Omani embassy in Bahrain by applying for a visa online. Bahraini residents are able to apply for an Oman eVisa by submitting the online visa application form.

Note: valid Profession from the List and GCC Visa and GCC ID Card is Only required for 28 Days GCC Visa. For other Visa Type only Passport and Photograph is required for G1 Nationals countries. 

Implemented in 2018, the online Omani visa system enables eligible applicants to apply for a visa online. In order to enter Oman, all citizens of GCC countries, including Bahrain, will require a valid visa. Applicants who possess a valid GCC card are also able to apply for an Oman visa from Bahrain.

Bahrain nationals traveling to Oman can choose between the different types of Oman visa available:

Tourist eVisa
Residence visa
Visit visa
Transit visa
Entrance visa

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Who Can Apply for an Oman visit Visa from Bahrain?

Residents of Bahrain with a GCC card are eligible for the online Omani visa system. Other eligible citizens, such as Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi citizens are also able to apply for a Omani visa from Bahrain, providing that they reside in Bahrain and possess a GCC card.

Those who are eligible for the online visa for Oman will be able to apply for anywhere, providing that they have access to a laptop, computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Those who are citizens of the foreign countries will be able to apply for an Oman visa online, But these citizens should have valid GCC visa and Resident Id Card for 28 Days GCC Visa.

Oman Visa for Bahrain Residents

If you hold a GCC card and are a resident in Bahrain, applicants will be required to qualify under at least one of the following professions awailable in the profession list to apply for a Omani visa.

How to Get an Omani Visa from Bahrain

In order to apply for a Omani visa from Bahrain, applicants are required to complete and submit the online application form and pay the visa fee. The application form is a simple online form that does not require any visits to an embassy. All information can be provided on the form and the applicant will be updated on progress regarding the visa application via email.

It takes approximately 2 business days for the visa application process to be completed. Applicants are recommended to apply in advance in the case of unexpected delays or errors in the application that need to be corrected. While most delays are unlikely, applicants are reminded that working hours and Oman’s weekends may differ from those elsewhere in the world.

In order to apply successfully for a Omani eVisa, applicants should verify that they are able to comply with the requirements of the visa. See below to read more about the Omani visa requirements.

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Documents Required to Apply for a Visa for Oman from Bahrain

It will be necessary to provide adequate personal identification with a valid passport, as well as other documents and requirements in order to apply for a Omani eVisa. The following information lists the documentation and requirements needed in order to apply successfully:

  • Valid passport: All passports must have at least 6 months’ validity remaining
  • Digital passport copy and photos: Two photographs and a digital passport copy must be supplied
  • Debit/credit card: This will be necessary in order to pay the online visa fee
  • Security clearance: This permits citizens to enter and leave the country
  • Email address: The visa will be emailed to the applicant
    For more information regarding Oman travel, visit our information page to read more about helpful information regarding Oman travel.

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