Oman Visa for Maltese Citizens | Apply Visa from Malta

Oman Visa for Maltese Citizens | Apply Visa from Malta

Oman Visa for Maltese Citizens | Apply Visa from Malta

Malta is on the list of elegible countries whose citizens can obtain an Omani visa online for tourism within the Gulf nation. The Omani government’s implementation of the Electronic Travel Authorization system allows for citizens of a number of countries to apply for an obtain an eVisa online without the need to visit to a local embassy or consulate. It has essentially simplified the visa application process by allowing applicants to apply for the visa from the comfort of their home or office.

The entire process of applying for an Oman eVisa takes a few minutes and the applicants can receive their visa by email if the application is approved. The eVisa allows the travelers a stay of up to 90 days in Oman and is valid for a single entry into the country.

The Omani government also offers other types of visas depending on the specific reasons, travelers might have for traveling to the country. Travelers are encouraged to scan the different types of visas offered by the Omani government to ensure they apply for one that best suits their travel needs.

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Visa passport and requirements from Malta

The Omani government has set certain requirements that all foreign travelers to Oman must fulfill before beginning the online application process. Travelers are advised that these requirements might add additional time to their travel plans. Therefore, it is recommended that travelers begin the Omani eVisa application process some time ahead of their departure for the country to account for time spent applying and awaiting the arrival of their eVisa. The Omani eVisa application requirements are as follows:

Travelers must have a passport that will have at least a 6-month validity from the date of their arrival in Oman.
Travelers must also be able to provide a digital copies of their passport along with recent photographs.
Travelers must have a valid email address.
Travelers must also have valid debit/credit card information for payment of eVisa processing fees.

Once the traveler has made sure that they have all the necessary documents and all requirements have been fulfilled, they can then begin the online application process for the Omani eVisa.

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Apply for the Oman eVisa from Malta

In order to apply for a Omani eVisa, applicants will need to access the Omani online eVisa website over the internet. On the main pages, they will have to navigate to a URL which will open the online application form for the applicant. The eVisa application form will ask the applicant for some biographical information as well as some passport details. Applicants will also need to provide a valid email address and valid debit/credit card information in order to have the application processed. Applicants must know that there is a processing fee associated with applying for the Omani eVisa which will be deducted using the credit/debit card information provided on the application.

Travelers must note that is it is extremely important to complete the application as accurately as possible. Any mismatch between the information provided on the form and that shown on the applicant’s travel documents can result in the application being rejected. Once the application is submitted, the information provided on the form cannot be changed or updated. Therefore, travelers must try to ensure that they fill out the application correctly.

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After the applicant submits the eVisa application, he/she can then expect an update or notification on the status of their application within 3 business days. The update or notification might be delayed because of weekends or holidays in Oman. In Oman, Fridays and Saturdays are considered weekends as opposed to Saturdays and Sundays.

If the applicant’s eVisa application is approved by the Omani authorities, they can expect their eVisa to arrive via email. Travelers are expected to save a soft copy of their eVisa on their mobile phone/handheld device and must take a printed copy of the eVisa with them when they travel to Oman. The eVisa along with the rest of the travel documents will need to be presented to Omani Immigration and Border officials at the Omani airport/port of entry.

Once the traveler has been cleared to enter Oman by the Omani Immigration officials, they must keep the printed copy of their eVisa and their passport with them at all times whilst in the country. Travelers must also plan to leave the country before their 90-day stay is up to avoid paying fines or possible imprisonment for overstaying the visa.

Oman visa on arrival for Maltese Citizens

Maltese citizens are also allowed to receive visa-on-arrival at the Omani border/port of entry. However, that may entail waiting in lines to have the travel documents processed and security checks completed. Travelers are not allowed to enter Oman until these checks have been completed and the visa is granted. Therefore, it is preferable to apply for an eVisa beforehand in order to ensure a smooth arrival in the country.

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