Travel to Oman, Visit Muscat Visa Guide for Sultanate of Oman

Travel to Oman, Visit Muscat Visa Guide for Sultanate of Oman

Travel to Oman, Visit Muscat Visa Guide for Sultanate of Oman

What Visitor of Oman require before planing to go Oman?

A tourist visit Visa is valid to enter Oman at least 10 days. Applicants can obtain also 30 days and 1 year Oman Visa for tourist purpose which allow to stay in Oman 30 days. Tourist who is planing to visit Oman need the following information before travel to Oman. First is Oman eVisa for tourist, All visitors require e-Visa for Oman for this they should have a valid Passport having validity more than six months.

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How visitors to Oman can obtain Oman eVisa?

eVisa Oman for tourist is available online for citizens of eligible countries, other countries whi is not in the Online Oman Visa list can visit nearest embassay to apply for eVisa Oman

Second things which tourist require for visit Oman is Air ticket and place to stay in Oman. Visitors can book hotels or stay with friends and family in Oman, they can book hotel and air ticket online.

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More About Oman which tourist should know before trabel

Travel to the Oman to see the city of Muscat for amazing Oman Adventure. Through our Oman travel information you can visit Oman. Oman is an beautiful place if you are an adventure seeker, nature lover or interested in heritage and culture, visit the amazing Dohfar Khwars and Salalah Khareef Festival.

Best Places to Visit In Oman

The following is the best things to visit in Oman.

1. Nakhal Fort

2. Royal Opera House Muscat

3. Dhofar Eastern Coast

4. Watching Dolphins

5. Bandar Khayran Reserve

6. Wadi ALarbieen

7. Fisherman

8. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

9. The Chedi Muscat

10.  The Walk at Al Mouj

11. Muttrah Corniche and Port

12. Al Sifah Beach

13. Bimmah Sink Hole

14. Snake Gorge

Before travel you should keep with us Oman entry Visa, Passport, Travel Ticket, Hotel Reciept etc..

Happy and Safe Journey to Oman...

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