eVisas for GCC Residents Foreigner | Oman Electronic Visas

eVisas for GCC Residents Foreigner | Oman Electronic Visas

eVisas for GCC Residents Foreigner | Oman Electronic Visas

Oman eVisas for GCC overseas residents

All overseas residents of GCC countries (Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar) are eligible for an eVisa for 28 days. Ellegible countries may also apply for 10 days, 30 days Oman electronic visa also, if applicants travelling through Muscat International Airport.

Similar to the Oman tourist Visit eVisa, it is also an electronic travel visa issued by Royal Oman Police. Apply Your ROP Oman Visa Online and Get fast visa confirmation and 24x7 Phone and Chat Support by our visa expert team. There are no hidden Fees and also multiple Payment Options are available.

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How much Oman Visa cost?

The Oman eVisa for GCC residents including Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents has the following fee including service fee:

Oman Visa Processing fee for GCC Residents: USD 54 for 10 Days, 28 days GCC Visa USD 54, 30 Days Visa USD 106, 1 Year USD 190. These are single and multiple entry visas.

Note that if an eVisa application is not approved, there will be no refund of the visa fee. Our eVisa expert processes Omani visa application to make sure approval is received. GCC Citizens do not require Oman Visa they can travel with only GCC passport.

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How do I pay for Oman visa?

On this website applicants can pay the required visa fee using a credit or debit card (through a secure session with a payment gateway).

How long can I stay in Oman?

The eVisa Oman allows you to stay in Oman is based on your visa types maximum stay allowed for 1 month.

Who can apply for GCC Oman eVisa?

An applicant of any nationality who has a Resident Permit and a GCC Visa for a GCC country in their passport is eligible for a 28 days GCC eVisa. This permit will be checked at the border in Oman and on the date of arrival the Resident Permit must be at least 3 months old, and should be valid for at least another 3 months.

What are the conditions for eVisa Oman for GCC living applicants?

The 28 days GCC eVisa is issued with the following conditions:

You must be outside Oman. (Visas cannot be applied for by those travellers already in the Sultnate of Oman)

You must have a valid passport and it should be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival arrival in Oman.

You must use a GCC eVisa within 30 days of its approval. (After this time the eVisa will expire and you will have to apply again and pay another fee).

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You must have used your visa, or it should have expired, before you can apply for another visa. (It is not possible to have more than one visa issued for a passport at a time).

How long does it take to get approved e-Visa?

Approval of an application is based on information provided by the applicants. it is not given immediately. Processing of the Oman visa applications will take approximately 24 - 48 working hours.

How do I apply for Oman tourist visa from GCC countries?

Select your nationality and residents from the drop down click on submit, after that select the required visa type and Press the button Apply for eVisa and follow the instructions and fill your travel and personal details with required documents.

Do I required to print Oman visa?

Once your e-Visa application is approved, you can print a copy of the approved Oman electronic visa to carry with you when you travel.

What if your Oman visa application is not approved?

If your oman e-Visa application is not approved, please contact with nearest Omani embassy or Consulate regarding any query.

What other types of Oman eVisa are available?

This Royal Oman Police also offers a 10 days, 30 days, 1 year Oman eVisa types for certain nationalities. Find out more information about Oman visa types check information page.

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